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Paying Money To Sell Your Home

Everyone who sells their home assumes that they will set a price that will at least allow them to break even, if not make a nice profit. There are, however, certain circumstances that might having you bring money with you on the day of the closing. Read on so that you can be prepared if your situation required you to come up with some cash to close to the deal. Read More 

Signs You Can Sell Your Home And Buy A New One

If you have been living in your current home for a long time, you may have started thinking of selling it and buying another one. Before going ahead with the sale, consider the following factors to confirm that you are ready for it: You Have Some Home Equity Your property's equity is the difference between the value of your property and the outstanding mortgage on it. For example, if your house is worth $270,000 and its outstanding loan is $220,000, then the property's equity is $50,000. Read More 

Things Everyone Needs To Know About A Neighborhood Before Purchase

When buying a home, you should research not only the actual construction but also the neighborhood in which the property is located. Here are some of the things you should investigate about the neighborhood: Crime Statistics Crime can affect everyone, from the rich to the poor, from those who are single to those who are married. Therefore, research the crime statistics of the area to understand not only the frequency of crimes in the area but also the nature of the typical crimes. Read More 

Interested in Renting a Basement Apartment? 4 Things to Expect When Searching

Choosing an apartment for rent can be a little confusing, especially if you're unsure of what floor to choose in a multi-level building. If you're considering renting a basement apartment due to the savings or an immediate vacancy being available, it's important that you recognize the differences that come with a basement apartment versus a traditional apartment. Knowing what to expect can ensure that you won't be disappointed. Natural Light May Be Minimal Read More 

3 Important Things To Examine In Homes When Looking For One To Buy

When you begin looking at property for sale to find the right one to buy, you will most likely know right away when you get inside a home if you like it or not. Even if you find one you like, you may want to look at a few more just to be certain that you choose the right one, and here are a few things you should look into when you find homes you really like: Read More 

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Looking At Houses

Welcome to my weblog on real estate. My name is Ross Goldberg. When I was a little kid, my dad used to take me on drives through various neighborhoods to look at the houses. He was a big fan of beautiful homes and took a lot of pride in our home. He would constantly talk to me about everything he knew about houses and hoped that I would own my own home someday. That day eventually came and I wanted to make him proud by purchasing a great home myself. I eventually achieved this goal, but I didn't want to stop researching real estate and looking at homes, so I decided to create this blog as another way to talk about real estate.



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