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Interested in Renting a Basement Apartment? 4 Things to Expect When Searching

Choosing an apartment for rent can be a little confusing, especially if you're unsure of what floor to choose in a multi-level building. If you're considering renting a basement apartment due to the savings or an immediate vacancy being available, it's important that you recognize the differences that come with a basement apartment versus a traditional apartment. Knowing what to expect can ensure that you won't be disappointed.

Natural Light May Be Minimal

While a basement apartment is required to have windows, they are often small and aren't as effective at bringing natural light in as apartments on higher floors. With this in mind, you'll want to look into just how much lighting a basement apartment will have. A good way to figure this out is to take a look at photos of the unit during the daytime or schedule a visit to tour when the most natural light as possible.

Noise Level Can Be Higher Than Average

Another thing that you may not have considered when renting a basement apartment is the fact that they can be much noisier than living on the top floor unit. The reason for this is that you'll have neighbors above you. This can lead to hearing stomping and other noises that may disturb you if you are sensitive to noises that can come with living in an apartment.

Security Should Be Taken Seriously

When you begin touring apartment facilities, you need to make sure to ask about the security that's implemented. Basement apartments have easier access to the outside compared to apartment units that are higher up, making it so important that security is taken seriously. What this means is having secure windows with effective locks that won't be as easy for potential burglars to break in.

Temperatures Can Be Quite Different

With a basement apartment, it won't get as hot as higher floors since heat travels upwards in a building. This can often mean that your apartment stays cool in the summer, but it can also lead to the winter being much colder than being on a higher floor. Keeping this in mind, especially when the unit doesn't include air conditioning and heating, can ensure that you will be comfortable.

Preparing to rent an apartment can be much easier when you're familiar with the pros and cons. Knowing what to expect when you begin renting a basement apartment can help you feel good about your decision and ensure that you're pleased with the apartment you end up renting.

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