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Pinpointing Tech Office Features For A Fresh And Efficient Move

Are you moving your business office to a new location? Is the home office getting too small for your growing operation, or do you need a more professional front to attract clients used to traditional business settings? Commercial office leasing is a fairly simple transaction if you want the bare basics, but you can make your business operate much more smoothly--and maybe even make a bit of extra money when clientele is low--with a few efficient choices. Here are a few office features for modern businesses with an emphasis on efficient tech.

Inventory Your Tech And Furniture Options

A big, empty room or ample cabinet space can seem tempting, but have you thought about the electronics? Where will you put the office equipment? Where will your main workstation be? Where will you put the router, and can you add other computers in an efficient work environment design?

Along with all of these questions, can you find a solution that is safe and lacks tacky extension cables? Do you care about tacky extension cables? It's all up to your design preferences, the first impression effect for your clientele, and the safety regulations of the commercial office building.

Have a list of your devices that need to be connected and take picture of your biggest pieces of equipment. Imagine where you would place different devices and reference your choices against your list.

Bring a tape measure and a few cables to figure out how long your cables need to be to reach certain outlets and devices if you have a few offices that you're serious about.

Perfectly-Sized Internet Service

Your internet service can be written off as a tax deduction, but could you be doing something better with a bit of extra money? Some professionals get roped into hundreds of dollars per month for telecommunications services that cover internet, TV, phone lines, technical support, and a wealth of other services. This is smart for the ISP (Internet Service Provider) business because of the extra bundled services you may not use, but bad for your bottom line.

Does your office need anything other than internet and a phone from an ISP? If not, cut some cords and slim down your internet service. You only need cable if your clientele has some specific reason to see cable channels in perfect cable quality, and you only need a phone line if you have clients who require a landline connection. Everything can be done via the internet unless someone tells you no.

Get an internet service that fits your specific business internet needs. If you're not downloading files over 100GB on a daily basis in one go, there's no reason for you to exceed the US national average internet speed of around 64Mbps. If you download and/or upload bigger files and need them as fast as possible, use this download calculator and weigh you time wants and needs against the cost of a fast enough internet package.

Contact a commercial office leasing professional to discuss available services and office design features.

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